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Saturday, 14 October 2017

Free Crochet Pattern Pinwheel Doily

Doilies are beautiful decoration pieces and, most of them, are the result of amazing creativity and skill.Doily designs are usually circular or oval, starting from the middle and extending outward. They are basically crochet rounds, but can be made to all other shapes.Despite of its decorative purpose for home, dinning, bedding and rugs, they are now changing and gradually used in crochet fashions ,bags and many more.
Here's a pretty pinwheel crochet pattern that crocheters will enjoy making and would be just perfect for your home decor.This is a Free pattern by Joanna Stawniak. She has hundreds of patterns available on her YouTube Channel. Check out her Channel here.

Materials Used:-
  • Any thread yarn
  • Crochet hook suitable to the thread you choose

These doilies are great as gifts too and they can be done in the colors you love.

I love decorating my home with doilies. They really are in trend these days.You can use them as a table cloth or use fabric stiffener to stiffen them and they just beautifully convert themselves into decorative bowls which I believe will add charm to your decor. Use them as candle holders or just put in some flower or ass potpourri and let them just spread their awesomeness.

Check out the Free Pattern for this Pinwheel Doily Here. Also, below is the video of the Pinwheel Doily.

Try out this pretty doily and let me know your experience.

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