Raji's Craft Hobby: March 2021

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Monday 29 March 2021

Single Crochet Square Base Pattern for Bags and Baskets

Crochet Base Patterns are always so useful for making variety of Crochet Patterns. Be it of any shape ...Rectangle, Oval, Round, Square. You can make so many crochet projects with a simple Base.....Bags, purses, cushion covers, pillows, scarf, rugs, placemats, blankets and many more as you wish.

Thursday 18 March 2021

Crochet Square Basket

Crochet basket patterns are the best to make unique storage options for your home. I love making Crochet Baskets. One of the best things about crochet baskets is that you can easily customize them to any shape and the size you needs. Be it, Rectangle - Round , Circle - Oval - Square.

Wednesday 3 March 2021

Rabbit Bunny Crochet Hand Puppet

With Easter coming up, I decided to make some Bunny related crochet project. Today I'm sharing the Pattern for this Cute Rabbit Bunny Hand Puppet. Crochet Hand puppets are the easiest and quickest projects to whip up.

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