Raji's Craft Hobby: January 2017

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Saturday 28 January 2017

Mason Jar Fairy House

I've always loved Fairies.Am sure even you as a child would have been definitely fascinated by them.As a child, some of my most magical memories involved fairies.There is something magical about them.

And you know what, some folklore has it that if you build a fairy house and leave it in your garden, you might attract a fairy into your place.That's mesmerizing, right????

Even now as a adult, I find stories about them awesome.Also there are a lot of really fun and creative fairy crafts available out there!Here am sharing a fairy house made with a Mason jar and clay.

Thursday 26 January 2017

Simple Crochet Beanie Cap for Newborn

You never need an excuse to make a cute baby hat.I love making simple beanies. Besides the fact that they are so easy and quick to make, they are great for charity and gift projects. These are just the perfect quick and thoughtful gift for the mommy to be or for your very own little one.This hat is just your standard, double crochet beanie hat.Make these in any variety of color and you can also add an embellishment to give it a charm. Add a Flower for a Baby Girl or a Button for a Baby Boy.

Tuesday 24 January 2017

Clay Flower Crown

I love Flower Crowns.The best part about floral crowns is they are just easy to make plus they look so beautiful and magical.They are just so pretty and dreamy to make for playing pretend fairy princess or are a simple way to dress up for a spring or summer party

Here am sharing the crown I made using homemade Cold Porcelain Air Dry Clay.

Materials Used:-

  • Home Made Cold Porcelain Air Dry Clay(you can get the recipe here
  • Oil Paint 
  • Clay Tools 
  • Artificial flower making wire Stem 

Monday 23 January 2017

Homemade Cold Porcelain Air Dry Clay

I love working with clay. I've been buying clay from various sources.Have always wondered to make my own clay at home.So spent a ample amount of time finding the nitty gritties.

And there are many recipes available on internet for making homemade clay. I've tried making many versions.Out of all, this recipe worked like a charm.Its a low cost and very simple ingredient recipe.Do give it a Try.

Friday 20 January 2017

Baby Crochet Cap with Ear Flaps

You never need an excuse to make a cute baby hat.These are just the perfect quick and thoughtful gift for the mommy to be or for your very own little one.

I love the fact that these hats are so quick and easy to make. I love making projects with variegated yarns.They just create colorful patterns of their own.You can go wild and creative with colors of your own to create the perfect hat.

There would be nothing more adorable than a baby wearing a hat with a big,cute pom pom on the top. I've made this hat with comfortable flaps and ties which will for sure keep the little one warm and cozy.

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Floating Flower Candles Without Mold

Floating candles are a great beginner project.I love floating candles.Just put them in a nice glass or brass bowl and you'll have a simple but elegant centerpiece display.These are a great idea for any special occasion or time of year and they just add a charm to whatever environment they're decorating.

And these candles are just easy to make.You can make them big or as small as you would like.If you want a scented candle.....well ...that too isn't hard at all. Just add your favorite essential oil to the the wax and there you go....you have made your own personalized scented flower floating candle!!!!!

Monday 16 January 2017

Easy Crochet Baby Headband

Crochet headbands are perfect accessories for babies and are simple and quick projects to work on. 

Crochet headband patterns are great for those looking to work up easy projects.This headband is a fast, easy crochet project. It is perfect for beginners since it uses only basic stitches.These are the perfect little accessory that would go with any outfit.

I made this as a for gift for a 3 year old .

Clay Daisy Flowers

Materials Used:- 

  • Thai Clay
  • Artificial Stem
  • Clay Tools 
  • Glue

Wednesday 4 January 2017

Clay Drip Vase

I love decorating my place with flowers.And its always fun to work and try out new projects with clay.

Here I tried out a vase with a piece of waste cloth and POP(Plaster of Paris). It's quite simple and you can make it in no time. Yup.....just the drying part needs time!!!!

Materials Used:-

  • POP(Plaster of Paris) 
  • Glue 
  • Fevicryl Acrylic Colours(Black, Metallic Rust,Bronze,Metallic Copper) 
  • Waste Cloth 
  • Air Dry Clay

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Clay Sunflower

Making flower crafts is a fun way to enjoy youself.And I love making clay flowers.

One thing I like about clay flowers is that they dont wither out.Plus you have the freedom to choose the color of your choice.

Here I am sharing the tutorial to make Clay Sunflowers.There’s nothing like lovely sunflowers to brighten up your home.

Materials Used:-

  • Thai Clay 
  • Artificial Stem 
  • Clay Tools 
  • Acrylic colors

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