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Friday, 20 January 2017

Baby Crochet Cap with Ear Flaps

You never need an excuse to make a cute baby hat.These are just the perfect quick and thoughtful gift for the mommy to be or for your very own little one.

I love the fact that these hats are so quick and easy to make. I love making projects with variegated yarns.They just create colorful patterns of their own.You can go wild and creative with colors of your own to create the perfect hat.

There would be nothing more adorable than a baby wearing a hat with a big,cute pom pom on the top. I've made this hat with comfortable flaps and ties which will for sure keep the little one warm and cozy.

Materials Used:-
  • 4 ply Indian Ice Batik Acrylic Yarn
  • 3.50 mm Crochet Hook

Need Supplies...???....Get it Here

Start by making a simple baby cap.Check out this post of mine on how to make a Simple Crochet Beanie Cap for Newborn

Ear Flaps:-
Fold the hat into half with the last Slip Stitch at the fold line. Measure the half way point between the two sides of the hat. Mark both sides of the hat’s middle point, taking care so as to keep them at the same distance,and this is where you will be making the ear flaps.

From the middle, count 6 stitches back to find your starting point. Fasten on yarn.

Round 1 - Chain 2 and then Double Crochet(DC) into the next 12 stitches and turn.

Round 2 to Round 4- Chain 2, DC in all stitches across and turn.

Round 5 and Round 6 -Start the round with a Double crochet decrease, continue with 1 double crochet stitch in each of the following stitches and end the round with a double crochet decrease.

A double crochet decrease combines two double crochet stitches into one stitch. You will be making two partial double crochet stitches then combine them together into one stitch. 

To make a decrease double crochet, yarn over and draw up a loop in. Yarn over and pull yarn through two loops on the hook. This is the first part of a double crochet stitch.

Instead of completing the double crochet, start making a second double crochet stitch.Yarn over and draw up a loop in the next stitch, then yarn over and pull yarn through two loops on the hook.

Yarn over and pull yarn through the remaining three loops on the hook.
Decrease is complete and this counts as one stitch.

Check out this Double Crochet Decrease tutorial by Annie's Craft.

For the Tie- 
Continue with Chain 2,Double Crochet in rest of the stitches untill you reach the length needed.

Make the second flap by going back to the middle point and counting back 6 stitches Repeat as the first one.

Finally make 3 pom- poms and sew them one at the top of the hat and 2 at the end of the ties.

Refer this tutorial to see how to make Yarn Pom Pom(Using Your Fingers)

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