Raji's Craft Hobby: Simple Crochet Beanie Cap for Newborn

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Thursday 26 January 2017

Simple Crochet Beanie Cap for Newborn

You never need an excuse to make a cute baby hat.I love making simple beanies. Besides the fact that they are so easy and quick to make, they are great for charity and gift projects. These are just the perfect quick and thoughtful gift for the mommy to be or for your very own little one.This hat is just your standard, double crochet beanie hat.Make these in any variety of color and you can also add an embellishment to give it a charm. Add a Flower for a Baby Girl or a Button for a Baby Boy.

Materials Used:-
  • 8 ply Acrylic Yarn 
  • 6mm Crochet Hook 
Start by chaining 6.Slip stitch to first chain to form a circle.

Round 1:-

Work 12 double crochet(DC) in the circle.Slip stitch to the first DC to finish the round.
Tug the loose thread to close the hole.

Round 2:-

For the next round,start by 2 chain,then work 2 DC in each stitch.Slip Stitch to join.
At end of this row you will have 24 stitches.

Round 3:-

Next,start by 2 chain(this chain 2 will be counted as 1DC),2DC next stitch, 1 DC in the next stitch.2DC next stitch.

Repeat 1DC, 2DC in all the stitches around.Slip Stitch to join.

You will have 36 stitches at end of this round.

Round 4:-

Start by 2 chain(this chain 2 will be counted as 1DC),then work 1DC in the next stitch,2DC in next.

Repeat 1DC, 1DC, 2DC all round.Slip Stitch to join.

You will have 48 stitches at the finish.

Round 5:-

Start by chain2, 1 DC in all stitches around.Slip stitch at end to join.

Keep working 1 DC in each stitch till you reach the length required.

Start each round by chain 2.

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  1. This beanie looks charm and cool!! I'm going to try this. Thanks for this tutorial. Check out the my version in Cool Beanie Hats


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