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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Cheerful Double Strand Coaster

I love working with Double Strand for Crochet Projects. They just work up quickly and add bulk and texture to any project.

Double strand crochet is the same as regular crochet, it is just that you will be using two strands of yarn at a time instead of one. 

Play around with the color combination and you can make pretty coasters for any occasion!!!

You just need to take care of one thing, that is be sure you have equal tension on both strands and are pulling both strands through each loop. 

Here am sharing the next pattern of my Crochet Coaster Series.

Materials Used:-
  • Yarn (2 Colors)
  • Crochet Hook
Round 1:-
Take 2 strands and make a Magic Circle.

8 HDC( Half Double Crochet) in the ring.

Pull in the loose end to close the ring. Make sure to pull the yarn tightly.

Round 2:-
Chain 1.This is not counted as a stitch. This is just to get your yarn to the working height.

2HDC in each stitch around.
You should have 16 stitches as the end.

Slip Stitch to first HDC.

Round 3:-
Chain 1. 
The best way to keep a track of stitch count is to use a stitch marker.

2HDC and 1HDC in the next stitch

Repeat(2HDC,1HDC) all around.

You should have 24 stitches at the end.

Slip stitch to the first HDC.

Round 4:-
Chain 1,1HDC,2HDC in the next stitch,1HDC in the next 2 stitches.

Repeat(2HDC,1HDC,1HDC) all around.

You should have 32 stitches at the end.

Slip stitch to the first HDC

Weave off the ends.

I have used 8 ply yarn for this coaster. My Coaster measures up to 10 Centimeters. The size of the coaster may differ according to the yarn you use.

If you are using a thinner yarn ,then you could even use 3 strands at a time to make it sturdy.

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