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Monday, 13 August 2018

Spring Square Coaster

Here is a simple and quick pattern for a Spring Square Coaster.This is the Second coaster in my coaster series.

I was planning on making a simple square coaster. Then I thought , why not make it in spring colors!!!!! 

Just use spring colors and you would end with nice pretty Spring Coasters.This coasters are perfect for a variety of any season. 

This same pattern can be used in different colors to make coasters for any occasion. Use Red and Green to make a Christmas themed coaster or use Brown and Yellow to make a Pumpkin themed coaster or use them to make fruit themed coaster.....the list is just endless!!!!

Materials Used:-
Yarn (Green and Pink)
Crochet Hook

Start with a slip knot.

Chain 20.

1 Double Crochet in the third chain from the hook.

1 Double Crochet each in the remaining stitches.

Recently I shared a post on how to get a Straight Edged Double Crochet.

Use this method and continue making your coaster untill it reaches a Square Shape.

Change to pink color at the end to make the sides.

2 Single Crochet in the corner stitch and One Single Crochet each in the remaining stitches on the sides.

Make 2 Single Crochet in the Corner Stitches and continue with One Single crochet on the other sides.

Continue untill the last stitch and Slip Stitch to the first single crochet.

Weave off the yarn tail and your Spring Square Coaster is ready!!!!!

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