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Monday, 10 December 2018

DIY Christmas Gel Candles

I am on a candle making spree!!!!!😊

I recently made some Ocean Gel Candles and Colored Gel Candles , and I found myself longing to indulge more into the candle making gala.I absolutely enjoying making Gel candles. To be frank ,I find working with Gel Candles more fascinating than the regular Paraffin candles.The finished projects are just fantastic to look at. The transparent nature of the Gel Candles makes it more fun to work with. You can let your creativity do the talking.

These would make great gifts for your loved ones. As the Christmas festivities are nearing, I got myself to make these as gifts for my friends.They fell in love with these. I am sharing the step by step procedure to make these . Do make them for your loved ones, and am sure they are gonna love these Christmas Gel Candles!!!!

Materials Used:-
  • Gel Wax
  • Glass Votive
  • Candle Wick
  • Decorative Sequins, Beads and Bells
  • Aquarium Sand or Colored Sand- Red, White and Green
  • Tooth Pick

Let's Start by melting the wax.Take small pieces of the wax.

Use double boiler to melt the wax. You can also choose to melt it in oven. Directly heating it over the stove top sometimes makes it catch flames.So, better be safe, right!!!!

Take two containers. One for pouring water and the other for melting the wax.Pour water in the bottom pan,and put the wax pieces in another container and put it on bottom pan.Start heating.Keep your burner on the lowest temperature so that it doesn't burn up your wax.

If you want to make scented candles, then you can add your essential oil at this stage.

Meanwhile get your votive decoration ready.I have used Christmas themed colors. 

I got these jars online. They are so cute to look at. You can choose any small glass container to work with.Glass is always a preferred medium for Gel candles, so that you can show off your creativity.😊

I Used Star shaped sequins, Beads and small Jingle Bells.

Start by sticking the candle wicks to the bottom of the votive jars. Just dip the wick in melted wax and put it in the votive and hold it just for few minutes untill the wax hardens.

 Then put in the Red Sand....followed by Green and White.

Place in the decoratives.

Use toothpicks to hold the wicks in place which may sway once you pour the wax.

Now, gently pour in the melted wax.

Always use a support system to pour it, like a metal spoon. Just hold the spoon and pour the wax over it  onto the votive. This would ensure lesser number of bubbles.

I ended up with a big stray bubble.

In this case, you can use the tooth pick to pop up the bubble....and you are good to go!!!

Let the wax set at room temperature and trim the wick if needed.

And your candles are ready for you mantel decoration!!!!!!!!


  1. I love this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I love how colorful these look!
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.


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