Monday, 26 December 2016

Rose - Thai Clay

This is my first try working with Thai clay.Thai Clay is air dry clay. It is soft to work with and it can be easily molded.
It dries without any crack.

Materials Used:-
  • Thai Clay
  • Oil Paint
  • Clay Tools
  • Artificial Stem

Use oil paint to give colour to your clay. I've used Yellow colour here.
Blend it properly.
Roll it out and if you have cutters you can use them to cut.
I've used medicine caps to cut the circles.
Now, with the ball tool, give shape to the petal. Just put your forefinger on one corner and elongate it.
 Use a paint pallet to dry the petals. This would also give shape to the petal.

 For making the bud, take a ball and clay and shape it into a teardrop.
 Attach it to the stem.

 Start attaching the petals with the help of glue.

 For the leaves, mix sap green to your clay.

 Roll it out.
 I've used cutter to make the leaves.
For the base,roll out the clay and give outline of a five petal flower.
If you have a five petal flower cutter, you can use it here.

 With the ball tool, make the ends thin.
 I've attached the leaves to thin wire.
 Apply glue on the base and insert the stem in the center.

 Let it dry.

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