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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Clay Sunflower

Materials Used:-

  • Thai Clay 
  • Artificial Stem 
  • Clay Tools 
  • Acrylic colors

    Use a Clay cutter to cut out flowers.

    Use a tooth pick to shape the petals.

    Make a small ball of the brown clay.
    Press and paste it with glue .
    Make dents with the toothpick.

    Now let the flowers dry.
    Use a round painting pallet to dry the flowers.
    This would also retain the flower's shape.

    Stick the flowers to the artificial stem.
    Cut out leaves with the cutter.

    Use your clay tool to shape the leaves.

    Stick the leaves to the stem.
    Use Brown acrylic color to brush the center.

    Let it dry.

    Your flowers are ready 😊

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